Crazy 8

I generally don’t put much stock in interpreting dreams. When I was in high school, I called into a radio station that was hosting a “dream interpreter,” and my crazy dream actually made the cut. I made it on the air to have a conversation with this fruity lady who gave me some psychoanalytical response to a dream I already knew was the result of a book I was reading before bed. I decided then that I’d trust my gut when it came to the meaning of the stuff floating through my head.

But a couple of years ago I had a dream that needed no interpretation. I woke up suddenly, startled by what I’d seen. A small boy- just a toddler- had rung my doorbell. I didn’t see any adults, so I took him in. Somehow I knew he was from Cambodia, and I knew he needed our family. He stayed with us for a couple of weeks before a young man and woman turned up on our doorstep. They explained that they could no longer care for him, and they asked us if we could please raise him.

And then I woke up.

I went through my day as scheduled, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that some little boy was out there NEEDING me. That evening I googled Texas foster care and adoption, and I spent over an hour looking at pictures of children who were waiting for a home. I sobbed as I realized that thousands of children in my area were going to sleep that night without a mommy or daddy.

I was also struck by how many sibling groups there were. Brothers and sisters were pleading via published bios that they not be kept from growing up with their siblings. Yet how many parents could realistically take in 3 to 5 needy siblings?? There had to be someone…

It wasn’t right. It wasn’t just. And I couldn’t act like I didn’t know anymore.

My husband and I had talked about becoming foster parents or even adopting before, but the timing never felt right. We knew we couldn’t wait any longer. So, after over a year of training and piles of paperwork, the Escamilla family received our license as a group foster home with Arrow Child & Family Ministries.

In October of 2011 we received our first group of four siblings- ages 6, 5, 4 and 2.

We had 8 crazy children! And it was only the beginning of the adventure…


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