Adventurous or crazy??

If you’re reading this you probably already know that we are a foster family. If you don’t know why yet, here you go. 🙂 .

Well, a few weeks ago I got a call that has become pretty typical for me. My agency was looking for a foster home for 3 siblings. I’d had a few of those calls in the preceding days, but I hadn’t felt at peace with the other situations. (This sounds tough, and it is. Saying, “no” to taking in children needing help is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.) This day, I remember feeling a distinct peace as our placement coordinator described the children to me. It was also a rare opportunity, as we had a night to review the details and make a decision.

That evening, when I opened the first document, I noticed that it seemed they were looking for an adoptive placement for these kids. My heart began to race as I read through the files describing 3 precious children, and I began to consider the possibility of adding them to our family- permanently. Aaron and I spent hours talking to our kids and reviewing all of the details about these new children.

I could go into great detail about what the next few days looked like for us, but, really, it all boils down to this: Aaron and I and our 4 biological children had to decide if we REALLY believed in the vision we’d been talking about for years. Even more challenging than looking into the eyes of little children needing a home was staring into the face of a destiny-changing decision.

We had the chance to spend a few hours with the kids before deciding how to move forward, and I will never forget the drive home after dropping them back off. I couldn’t stop crying- not just because of the terrible things the kids had been through and their sweetness in spite of it, but because I felt like my eyes were being opened to an entirely new world.

I was facing a similar decision to the one God made when He sent His baby to save the world. He set aside convenience and comfort. He took me in when I was broken and hurting, when I rejected Him and all He stood for. He loved me despite my rough edges and past. He gave me His name and became the Daddy I so desperately needed.

To stand in the position to do the same thing for three children… what an honor… I was honestly overcome. The question changed from being “How can we do this?” to “How could we not?”

Now, I don’t like to generalize. I know not every child is a good fit for every family. The point here is this: Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter- they’re all fine and dandy, but when the rubber meets the road, our decisions are what determine our destiny. Adventure is not easy. We love great books and movies because we get to see characters overcome obstacles, but if we’re seeking the easy life we’ll never be like the characters we admire.

Face the challenge before you.

Live the dream.

Don’t give up.

If you’re in the middle of a struggle, you’re CHANGING yourself and the world around you.

Fight the fight. Finish the race. Win the prize. I’m running with you!!


3 thoughts on “Adventurous or crazy??

  1. Thank you for doing life openly and spreading God’s love with you everywhere you go, in everything you do. I admire you so much!! This post is a beautiful encouragement and challenge. I’m SO excited for you guys and this adventure y’all are about to embark on! I’m circling you guys. 😉

    • Sara, What a tremendous heart felt challenge. I know what it’s like when all eight grandkids are here (and that’s just a week)!! Woo Boy!!! I always knew you were amazing, but now you are an angel:) Your new family are too young to understand the impact of how you are ‘saving’ them and the sacrifice the Escamilla’s are giving. When they are grown, then they will know and understand! Great is your reward and you ALL are in our prayers. Vaye Allen

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