Leaving SAGU…


For the past year and ten months it has been my joy to serve as the Director of On-Campus Admissions at Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  A long, long time ago, I was a nervous high school senior trying to listen and obey God’s voice as He led me to SAGU.  I walked onto this campus not knowing a soul, never seeing it before, in complete faith that this was where God wanted me to be. Without question, SAGU has been one of THE most influential places in my life.  Getting the chance to come alongside students who are stepping out in faith like I did so long ago has been a blessing beyond measure.  

When Aaron and I began praying over this transition to New Community Church in Mesquite, my first thought was that I could keep my position at SAGU. I can commute, right?! People do it all the time. Then one day I realized that staying at SAGU would cost me 12 hours a day with my family…. Hmmmm….

Beyond that, I had already started feeling the longing in my heart to be in ministry with my husband again.  I saw pictures of him in El Salvador and got to hear his stories about Thailand, but I didn’t get to be part of those moments.  In a conversation with a dear friend, she pointed out that this stirring in me had begun long before the NCC transition process began, showing God had already been preparing my heart for change before I even realized it. 

So, with a heavy heart, I resigned my position at SAGU this past week.  This has been bittersweet.  I love my team, my bosses, my job and my organization.  But, what was it I came to SAGU all those years ago to do? I didn’t just learn here how to be a pastor or a teacher. I didn’t just learn how to study scriptures or run a sidewalk Sunday school.  What SAGU taught me went way beyond the classroom or the chapel.  My time as a student here at SAGU taught me to listen for God’s voice and to trust His leading.  I learned what it meant to walk in faith every day and allow my life to tell a story that will live on after I die.  I learned what is most important in life, and though I was “just” a young adult, that profound truth took root in my life. 

How crazy is it that God used the same place and some of the same people to remind me what He spoke to me so long ago?  Every walk across campus reminds me… “Live the dream, Sara. Never stop changing the world to make it better. Never stop telling people that My love IS enough.” 

I’m so, so grateful to all of you that have played a pivotal role in this process.  After all, SAGU is just an organization. It’s the people within it that create the change. I love the way Seth Godin says it: “We don’t change markets, or populations, we change people. One person at a time, at a human level. And often, that change comes from small acts that move us, not from grand pronouncements.”

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